About Us

The world and society don’t stay at the same place. Every second changes happen, both minor and vital ones. We can see that nowadays new technologies are are being issued every day and people get overwhelmed by them. In such a condition, reading becomes abandoned! People are no longer interested in books, they prefer to spend all their free time of gadgets. This is a big mistake, because reading is not just a hobby. So why is it important?

    1. Ability to read is vital for surviving! When buying things you need to be able to read what they are for and what they consist of. When applying for a new job, you need to fill in an application and the way you do it decides whether you get accepted or not. When traveling to a new unknown destination, you have to be able to read a map, otherwise you will never get there!
    2. Reading develops communication skills which are essential for those who want to be members of the society. It was investigated that about 30% of new words that we learn come from books! That’s why in order to enrich your vocabulary, make it a habit to “swallow” a book after a book. Especially it is important to develop such a useful habit for young children.
    3. Train your brain. Watching TV does’t really involve your brain work, while reading makes you stay concentrated and analyze what you read. It enhances your brain’s capability the same way as weight lifting enhances your muscles.
    4. Books are a source of unlimited knowledge in every area possible. By reading we discover new things about the world around, live heroes’ lives with and develop out imagination.
    5. It is a good hobby. Bring your favorite book when traveling and time in a transport will pass unnoticed!