Have you ever wondered about what to present for a special occasion? There are so many holidays in a year, add to them birthdays and anniversaries and your head will start spinning! And each holiday calls for giving presents to your family members, friends and collegues. Sometimes people take the matter in their hands and ask for the thing they want to receive, but in majority of cases, a gift giver has to generate ideas himself.

If a person is not really close to you or this person seems to have everything he or she needs, a perfect gift would be a book! Books have been around for a very long time and reading is still one of the most popular hobbies. There is a huge variety of types and genres so there is something for everyone. Holidays are a good time for book shopping since many of them are sold with discounts. While usually you can get a book for an average price of 30 dollars, during holidays prices fall twice! Many people make a list of books they want to read in a near future and wait until the next big holiday to buy them.

So now the problem with the gift’s choice is solved let’s solve another problem with timing. Since there is such a huge variety of books, one can not possiibly have time to go through all of them in seach of the best fit. This is when a web comes to help. Instead of buying a real paper book, buy an EBook and save a tree!

Most of the books by now are online, especially classics, best-sellers, and contemporary writings. Some of the books can only be found on the web and are not sold in stores. You can buy EBooks on rare and interesting topics such an financial advice from the most sposperous investors, time-management tips or dietary plans from stars.

It is always a better idea to buy the EBook instead of downloading one for free. Free doesn not always means good. In most cases, it does not. Free books may turn out to be dull and non-informative or be just a piece of a writing, while the full version costs money.

Having an EBook is more comfortable than reading online. When reading online, you get distracted by tons of ads that constantly pop out of nowhere. You may find something more interesting in the ad and thus loose concentration. When you shut off the computer, do you remember where you stopped reading? Are you sure that the window with your book will appear again once you turn the computer on? You will never have to ask such questions if you read the electronic book.

You can take such book with you everywhere – read on a plane, on a beach or when camping – it doesn’t require an interner connection. And a purchase can be made in a blink of an eye!

Next time you need to make a decision about what gift to buy, you already have an idea.